Welcome to my site! Mobile phones drive us in varied ways. In my blog I will publish stories that I have heard first hand, read, talked about, researched or experienced in my personal and professional life. I will draw some thoughts and ideas with a view to make the post  useful for  academics, research, marketing, management and our daily lives. I invite you to feed your comments, suggestions and contributions to make this blog a rich and engaging experience for all. Wish you a happy engagement.


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Mobile Phone leads you by the nose?

In my earlier post titled, The Enhancer, dt. April7, 2017, I wrote about the mobile phone use enhanced capabilities of its users to a considerable extent. Continuing in the same vein, let me bring in the discussion the theory of technological determinism. According to the theory of technological determinism, human destiny is driven by an … Continue reading Mobile Phone leads you by the nose?

Mobile Phone: distraction…attraction?

One of the common complaints that mobile phone communication is stuck with is that it generates distraction. Cognitive distraction occurs when an individual’s focus is not directly on the task which requires primary and a larger load of attention, and his/her mind “wanders” in other activities, such as, sending and receiving texts or calls, listening … Continue reading Mobile Phone: distraction…attraction?

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