Who does not have a story…about anything…about everything! Why not a story about your mobile phone? My mobile phone.





it wakes me up.

Entertains me.

Reminds me.

Connects me.

Gets me organized.

Saves me from boredom.

Hangs out with me everywhere.

Pulls me out of tricky situations.

Alerts me with the latest news.

Stores sweet memories.

Wishes me good night.

Without doubt, it is my adorable, undemanding, and constant companion.


But, at one time, I detested its company. And I have a story for all of it.


And every story lends me insights, ideas, and handy tips, useful to organizations, businesses, marketers, entrepreneurs, managers, strategists, researchers, and teachers.


But most of all, my mobile phone stories speak about you, about me!


What about me?

That, my doctorate in the Sociology of Mobile Phone Communications got me inquisitive about the stories of how mobile phone communications drove the lives and loves of people and organizations bringing changes, turmoil, calm, ease and interaction.

That I teach.

I strategize.

I write.

I consult.

I research.

I travel.

I relax.


So, here’s me blogging my stories…your stories.

And if they resonate with you, I invite you to add your stories via comments, likes, and endorsements.


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Welcome on a journey of discovery, realizations, and management tips and all of it through the nudge of the mobile phone!